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Anonymous said: Do you think Killian is capable of properly pleasing Emma after 300 years...?



Oh sweet sugar dumpling, you are about to get a long drawn out response in which I talk in excruciating detail about my headcanons concerning Killian pleasing Emma. 

I think he’s going to take his time with Emma. I think he is going to be patient, wait until she is ready, because he knows her better than she knows herself. He isn’t going to push, but he is going to touch her every chance he can get. He’s braver now because she kissed him and smiled at him and let him into her heart so he doesn’t hold himself back from trailing his fingers against the dimple in her chin, toying with the ends of her hair while they sit in a booth at Granny’s. I think sometimes he will even let his hand slide along her thigh because he wants her and he has never been one to shy away from voicing the things he wants. He is a passionate man, and that passion shows through in everything he does - especially where Emma is concerned. 

And I think when they finally do fall into bed together - he is going to take his time with that too. He’s going to map out every freckle and curve with his fingers and lips, paying careful attention to the places that make her gasp and whine. And when she arches under his touch he’s going to grin - big and stupid - and do it again because he loves the way she moves just for him. He’s going to give and give and give because he is addicted to her and the way her chest heaves and the way she reaches for him and the way his name sounds, breathless on her lips. And he isn’t going to listen when she says it’s too much because it’s never enough for him. 

And when he takes her, he’s going to pay careful attention to that too. He’s going to move with intent and purpose and he’s going to let her lead when she needs to, let her flip them over and grind down onto him because pleasing someone is about the both of you and he doesn’t hold back from grunting her name or nipping at her throat or tracing the sweat between the valley of her breasts because they have all the time in the world. He’s going to pay careful attention to the way he moves above her and against her and when he hits her just right, when she shivers in his arms and drops her head back, he’s going to angle her hips just so and do it again and again and again until she unravels in his arms. 

And when they’re done and curled together and they both fall asleep in an exhausted mess, he only dreams  of her - and he wakes wanting and coaxes her awake with gentle touches against her thigh and lingering kisses against her shoulder until his hand moves lower and she is wanting too. 

And he has her again, quiet and slow and perfect because it will never be enough.

(And sometimes he takes her fast and rough and hard, not letting her even step in the door before he has her pressed against it. Because he needs her all the time and the floor is a perfectly good place to make her whimper his name as he moves behind her, pressing into her again and again.)

Basically I think those 300 years of life are only going to be an advantage in the bedroom - especially in regards to creativity. You know homeboy knows how to work that body - jesus christ I bet he switches positions every two minutes because he can’t help but want her in every single way he can have her.

Apologies if you meant please her as in buy her flowers and hold her hand and take her to dinner - I have a dirty mind. 

Damn you, woman. Don’t ever stop!